Little Miss SunshineAlicyn Packard embodies one of the most uniquely versatile female voices lighting up screens across the globe. As an actor, writer, producer and musician Alicyn seamlessly moves between genres, lending her face and voice to a myriad of projects for television, radio, film, web & stage. Nominated for three Voice Arts Awards for excellence in voiceover, she can be heard daily bringing to life over a dozen popular animated characters and breathing fresh authenticity into commercials and on-air television promotions.

Alicyn’s current animated projects include starring in the hit Disney XD series and theatrical movie “YoKai-Watch” (Jibanyan, Komajiro, Nate’s Mom and more) Cartoon Network’s “The Tom and Jerry Show” (Toodles) as well as NBC/Sprout’s “Space Racers” (Robyn) and “Poppy Cat” (Alma). Alicyn has also gained the attention of legions of video game enthusiasts through her work on popular games like “World of Warcraft: Legion” and “The Burning Crusade” (Blood Elf, Shivara Destroyer), “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain,” “Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII,” and “Prince of Persia: Warrior Within” to name a few.

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Alicyn can also be heard daily as the On-Air Promotions Voice for the Ovation Television Network. Additional promo credits include ABC, CMT, Starz, Vongo & Nick Jr. Commercially, she has worked with the likes of mega-brands like Wheat Thins, Good Thins, McDonalds, Target, Dunkin' Donuts, CVS, and Taco Bell to name a few. She is the narrator on Oxygen’s highly rated series “Snapped: She Made Me Do It” as well as numerous audiobooks, including Booklist starred Review “Wink, Poppy, Midnight” and best-seller “Lucky Us.”

Alicyn’s debut release as a singer/songwriting, Heartbeat of the Universe, is due out in Fall 2017. Her modern, indie-folk sound combines alluring vocals and lush arrangements with lyrics that toe the line between emotional depth and playful poetry.

Alicyn has parlayed her unique talents as a storyteller into writing for animation, including eight episodes of Mattel’s upcoming series, Barbie: Dreamtopia, and season 2 of Poppy Cat. Her original video shorts, featured on her YouTube Channel, are written, produced and self-directed. She's currently producing a series of music videos to support her album release.

Born in Hanson, Massachusetts, Alicyn received her B.A. at Emerson College, where she acted in numerous student films and honed her announcer skills as a DJ on local radio station WERS. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her amazing husband and energetic toddler.