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"I've been listening to Ells Field on loop; it's like my favorite indie movie turned into a sunlit blanket and wrapped itself around me." -- Kim Barrante

Armed with a ukulele and a guitar, Alicyn Packard writes and performs from the heart, and the home, on her YouTube channel Home Made Music.

Her lyrics combine the emotional depth of Norah Jones with the playful poetry of She & Him. Inspired by the acoustic stylings of Ani Difranco and the authentic edge of artist Robyn, Alicyn has a sound that feels both modern and folk, high-flying and homegrown. Her channel features a collection of original compositions, including Paper Rose, Ells Field, and covers such as Hang with Me. (See videos below.)

In addition to her singer/songwriter catalogue, Alicyn's musical comedy videos have been featured on such sites as Funny Or Die, and on the stages of the Comedy Store and The Hollywood Improv. For more information on her comedy videos, click here.


Music tracks by Alicyn:

Videos by Alicyn:

Paper Rose


Ells Field


Hang with Me