Sock Puppet Sitcom Theater Presents: I Love Lucy (3/14)

sock-puppet-theaterThis weekend Alicyn will star as Lucy in Sock Puppet Sitcom Theater's production of "I Love Lucy" at the Echo.  Awarded "Best Performing Footwear" by LA Weekly, SPST has been taking LA audiences by storm.  If you were the kind of kid who grew up watching old sitcoms in syndication after school, this is the sock puppoet series for you.  Take sitcom pilot episodes, add socks, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, live musical performances, period news and commercials and you have the making of a truly memorable series of evenings in Los Angeles.  Tickets Now Available.

New Target Spot Airing Now!

default c5c57921777b5a4872843856Hear Alicyn voice a national Target radio commercial this Easter!

Set to Star in Speed Racers!

space racer smAlicyn began recording for her starring role in the new animated series, Space Racers, helmed by Emmy award-winning director Mark Risley. The show begins airing in 2013.

Booked a Burger King Ad!

bK logo smAlicyn can currently be heard voicing a spot for the new Burger King Italian Basil Chicken Sandwich. Listen in on a radio near you!